Welcome to the SPF Supervisors' Professional Development Wiki!

We hope you will find this Wiki to be a useful resource for you throughout your teaching experience in our district. On this Wiki you will find pages that contain information and resources that were highlighted during our various professional development workshops and Roundtable presentations. There are discussion threads on each page through which you can participate in professional discussions with us and with your colleagues regarding your teaching experiences using these strategies or resources, or where you can pose questions and/or reach out to others for support. We look forward to your participation in the discussion threads and welcome your questions and feedback. Our contact information is below.

Jocelyn Dumaresq, Supervisor of Language Arts
Ralph Pantozzi, Supervisor of Mathematics
Brad Siegel, Supervisor of Social Studies
Vincent Dionisio, Supervisor of Science
Linda Materna, Supervisor of World Languages and ESL
Kate Rosander, Elementary Coach