2nd Year Teacher Roundtable: Technology

SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION: See how technology is changing our world

Do Now: Click on the Tech Wordle below and discuss your thoughts as you look at this picture.

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Webcam Communication via SKYPE


Resource for SkypeHelp with using SKYPE

50 Ways to Use SKYPE in the Classroom

Glogster.edu is a site where students can create online posters with the following features:

  • Visuals or Graphics(can choose from among hundreds of graphics provided, some of which are animated, or upload your own pictures. All pictures or graphics can be resized and reformatted)
  • Text (can choose from hundreds of word bubble styles)
  • Background or Wall (can choose from among pages of styles, or upload your own picture for a background)
  • Audio (can record your own voice narration)
  • Music (can upload music - from your own files, or YouTube)
  • Video (can embed Video - from sites like YouTube, or from your own video camera)

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Roundtable EXIT SLIPS
Complete the exit slip for your "team".
Save the document to your desktop.
Send the document to the other team via SKYPE, following the directions on the Exit Slip.

Group Glog

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