Adding and Managing Students' Accounts

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Directions for adding students' accounts to your Wiki

How can I create accounts for my students?

Once your wiki is on our free K–12 Plus plan, you can create up to 100 accounts at a time with our User Creator tool. You will not need to provide email addresses for your students when you use the User Creator Tool:
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Manage Wiki.
  3. Under People, select User Creator.
  4. Choose the wiki you would like to add the users to.
  5. Enter your list of users as text, or upload an excel or .csv file with usernames and passwords. Email addresses aren't required to create accounts. Keep in mind that every Wikispaces username must be unique. Try using numbers, or initials, or a first name-last name combination to create unique usernames.
  6. The User Creator will guide you through the process of setting up your accounts. If you have any questions, send us an email at .

If you have more than 100 students, just go through the User Creator process with different lists of 100 names.

My students already have accounts. Can I add them to my wiki?

Yes. If your students have already created accounts on Wikispaces or had accounts created for another wiki/class, you can invite them to your wiki. To bulk invite them to your wiki just follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to your wiki.
  2. Select Manage Wiki.
  3. Under People select Invite People.
  4. Enter up to 100 students' usernames or email addresses, separated by commas or line breaks.
  5. Press Send.

The next time the student logs into their account (or checks their email, if the account is associated with a confirmed email address) they will be able to view and accept the invitation.